10 reasons to be excited for Autumn

It’s crazy to think that Autumn is upon us… I feel like Summer only started yesterday.

We’ve listed 10 things to be excited about now that Autumn has arrived:

1. Pretty colours

Watching the transition from green to yellow, orange and deep red before falling elegantly to the ground. Ahhhh pretty.

2. Leaves falling, leaf crunching

Leaves are great fun, for both humans and pets. I also love those Autumn walks where you crunch the leaves beneath your feet.

3. Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving is definitely underrated. The design possibilities are endless, from spooky to cute, for all ages, a real fun activity. And if your hosting a party why not create a pumpkin beer cooler.

4. Bonfire Night

Despite Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Parliament, Bonfire Night is one of the prettiest nights. Grab your scarf and wellies, head over to the village display and watch those beautiful colours explode right in front of your eyes.

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s

In general, hot drinks are more enjoyable in Autumn but Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is the be all and end all. The taste of spices with coffee, steamed milk, and espresso, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice is an Autumn tatse never to forget.

6. Wooly hats

You’ve got to love a wooly hat. They keep those ears nice and toastie as the temperature drops. Just remember, don’t remove the hat in public *cringe flat hair*

7. Slow cooked meals

Who doesn’t love going off to work knowing that your dinner is slowly cooking ready to be served up when you return. From sausage hot pots to beef casseroles, it's all delicious.

8. Crisp mornings

Those beautiful misty and crisp mornings are to die for. Setting out for your day appreciating the environment around you.

9. Hot water bottles

There’s nothing better than getting a hot water bottle and snuggling up watching crappy TV.

10. Countdown to Christmas

It’s always horrible waving goodbye to summer but Christmas is in reaching distance so cheer up!

The build up to Christmas can actually be more exciting than the day itself, with pretty decorations and present wrapping... ooohh I just can't wait!


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